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FREE - Project Based Learning Planner- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Have an idea for an online or hands on project? Empower your students while they meet academic standards with Project Based Learning.

Let this PBL unit planner help you channel your ideas into a curriculum unit that meets authentic needs with

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US History Vietnam War Unit

This bundle includes materials for the Vietnam War Unit. This unit usually takes 2 weeks to cover, at the price of $50.00 for 10 School days, comes out to $5 a day. Materials in the Unit Plan Include Vietnam War PowerPoint, Guided Notes for the PowerPoin

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Full Year of NY State USHG Framework Regents Exam Part II Short Essay #1 Topics

This file contains 18 Part II Short Essay #1 topics. Essay topics that are included in this file: Cold War/Pres. Washington (Isolationism) Colonial Taxation Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Imperialism Independence Movement Indian Removal Industri

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Hands on Project: Archeological Dig - Pretend your Indiana Jones!!!!

This is one of my favorite lessons of all time!!! This interactive lesson lets kids act like a real life archeologist to discover the remains of the first civilization. Through research and hands on learning they will discover the building blocks of ci

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Sustained Silent Reading Skills for Nonfiction-Digital

Trying to focus on power standards? Nonfiction reading skills are at the top of that list! This package will help you grow your secondary students' reading comprehension with reusable reading skills activity pages and posters. With 24 reading strategie

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Help for writing 1st grade report card comments

I use this template to help me write my report card comments. I hope it can help you save a little time too!

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Pax Romana Achievements Blue Print Activity + Free Extras

Lesson plan and activity for teaching the many achievements of ancient Rome. This lesson plan gets you

Anticipatory set brainstorm scenario which leads into great discussions on Roman Achievements.

Then you have a great Powerpoin

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Kim's Game: memory exercise for secondary students- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Challenge your class with fun and rigor as students see and then try to remember the images in Kim's Game. Perfect for a beginning of the year class game or a mini lesson about executive functioning skills, this game will help your students discuss and cr

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US History Imperialism Unit

This bundle includes materials for the US Imperialism Unit. This unit usually takes 1 week to cover, at the price of $20.00 for 5 School days, comes out to $4 a day. Materials in the Unit Plan Include Imperialism PowerPoint, Guided Notes for the PowerPoin

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Global History Question Bank

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is made up of over 500 questions, made f

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ABC Superheroes

ABC Superheroes turns each letter of the alphabet into a superhero. Each superhero has a bio about their superpower that students can identify with. The superhero has a portrait on a medallion that can be colored, cut out, and made into a crown, headba

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Rome: Punic Wars Lesson Plan with Guided Reading and Graphic Organizer

Here is the story of the Punic Wars, I love to teach the story of Hannibal and his War Elephants!! This lesson plan will explain how Rome becomes an Empire.

This is a lesson plan that you can use for 2-3 classes.

Included is a de

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