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Unit 2 - Mesopotamia, Egypt, Judaism ENL

Hello there! Attached is a unit based on Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Judaism for ENL students. These lessons are designed to assist English Language Learners with Tier II and Tier III language acquisition, along with studying early concepts in global history:

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Kindergarten sight words/handwriting pages

Practice fine motor skills and sight words at the same time!

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My Pandemic Scrapbook: A Writing Journal- Digital and Paper/Pencil

We are living through history! Our lives have changed in almost every way possible, from how we spend our time, to how we spend our money, to how we interact with others, to how we learn. Use this unique time period to engage your students in writing a mu

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Rogerian Problem-Solution Essay- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Help your students be a voice for change! Using the skills of primary and secondary research, teach your students how to add to a meaningful discussion and potentially make lasting change with the Rogerian compromise essay.

This digital and p

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Hands on Project: Archeological Dig - Pretend your Indiana Jones!!!!

This is one of my favorite lessons of all time!!! This interactive lesson lets kids act like a real life archeologist to discover the remains of the first civilization. Through research and hands on learning they will discover the building blocks of ci

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Unknown Words for the Read Aloud, Chrysanthemum

This Chrysanthemum themed lesson is great for understanding unfamiliar or new words. It also includes speakers that you can click on to help you read and listen to each word.

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Romeo and Juliet Fragments Practice- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Reinforce plot elements from Romeo and Juliet for your students as they identify and correct incomplete sentences in these two different activities presented in BOTH DIGITAL and PENCIL/PAPER forms in editable Microsoft Word documents and fillable document

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Unit 15 – Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution ENL

Hello everyone, attached are materials based on the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution. There is no test for this package, as I utilized New Visions’ assessment for this unit in the past and I will not resell New V

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Topic Outline Sheets: World History detailed guide for 10 unit plans!! Part 2

Great Outline by unit and topic. There are a total of 9 Topic sheets that take you pretty much through everything for the first art of world history (Enlightenment-Modern Day).

Age of Revolutions
French Revolution
Industrial Revol

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Learning my ABCs with Alpha Elf

Alpha Elf is an imaginary elf who comes to your classroom and hides letter cards. This is a game for the students that will have them engaged and moving around the room, no sitting in chairs here. Alpha Elf will leave a letter for each letter of the alph

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Sustained Silent Reading Skills for Fiction-Digital

Building reading skills is on everyone's list of power standards. These reusable reading skills activity pages and posters are perfect for any secondary class reading fiction. Upload them to your Learning Management System for weeks worth of support to

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I can read my CVC words! Auto Paced Version #2

Version #2 The "I can read my CVC words!" series is a collection of PowerPoint slide shows that help students develop skills in decoding words. Students will view a slide and 3 letters will appear at an order that will reveal a CVC word. Students then wo

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