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I can read my CVC words! Self Paced Version #1

The "I can read my CVC words!" series is a collection of PowerPoint slide shows that help students develop skills in decoding words. Students will view a slide and 3 letters will appear at an order that will reveal a CVC word. Students then work to blen

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Transformations: Reflections

The Power point helps the teacher demonstrate how a shape such as a triangle or rectangle can be reflected in a given line. Following the Power point are six questions which can be printed for students to attempt in class or for homework.

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Fall Directed Drawing Activity

This activity is a fun way for children to learn to draw and write. Students will draw pictures by following the visual directions on each page. Each drawing is presented in five steps and comes in portrait and landscape format. This activity is perfect f

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Cold War First Day - Introduction Lesson Bundle with Readings/Activities

Introduction to the Cold War lesson Bundle. Great lesson to get students involved, I use this as my day 1 introducing the new chapter. I use this right after I test on WWII. You can probably use all these resources for at least 2/3 full lessons. kids will

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Topic Outline Sheets: World History detailed guide for 10 unit plans!! Part 2

Great Outline by unit and topic. There are a total of 9 Topic sheets that take you pretty much through everything for the first art of world history (Enlightenment-Modern Day).

Age of Revolutions
French Revolution
Industrial Revol

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Pythagoras' Theorem

This is three PowerPoints in one Lesson1: Introduces students to the knowledge of Pythagoras' Theorem. Through worked examples students will firstly learn how to calculate the Hypotenuse side. Lesson2: Looks at finding one of the smaller sides. Les

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Sell That Cat! A role play mini lesson about rhetoric- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Your students are already masters of rhetoric! Watch them put their skills to use in this role play and writing activity that introduces the elements of the art of argument.

Included in this 15-page digital and pencil/paper package are fillab

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Treaty of Versailles Vs. Wilson's 14 Points Lesson + Activity +Many Extras!

Here is a great lesson to wrap up your discussions and lessons on World War I. Great Common Core reading and student centered! Actual lesson plan is given with all of this to use as guide/directions. Included are standards/essential questions/Aims (ver

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It's All about Me! -Digital and Paper/Pencil

Getting to know your students is the first step in classroom success. Building successful teacher and student relationships helps set the stage for high student achievement. Knowing your students’ interests and habits of mind will help you prepare succe

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3 Reader's Theater Scripts for Teaching Sight Words

Reader's theater is an engaging way to teach students to read. These free scripts focus on learning sight words and becoming comfortable with the reader's theater process. Each script is designed to be used over the course of a week, in our room, we use

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FREE- How's It Going? Student SEL Check-in - Digital and Paper/Pencil

If you think teaching is hard right now, how are your students dealing with life?

How are they REALLY doing? Academically? Emotionally?

How would they assess their school life at this moment?

Find out with this quick

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Learning my ABCs with Alpha Elf

Alpha Elf is an imaginary elf who comes to your classroom and hides letter cards. This is a game for the students that will have them engaged and moving around the room, no sitting in chairs here. Alpha Elf will leave a letter for each letter of the alph

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