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Unit 5 - Enduring Issues Essay #1 ENL

Hello again! Attached is the first essay I do with my ENL students relating to the concept of "Power." This package includes three documents translated in English and in Spanish, a packet with sentence starters and helpful guided writing, and a PowerPoint

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Unit 1 - Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras ENL

ENL Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras UNIT Attached is the introductory unit to global 9 curriculum. This unit includes 13 days worth of materials for beginning of the year materials, including basic social studies topics, the Paleolithic Era and Neolithi

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Full Year of NY State USHG Framework Regents Exam Part III Civic Literacy Essay Topics

This file contains 8 Part III Civic Literacy Essay topics. Essay topics that are included: Abolitionist Movement African American Civil Rights Movement Suffrage Freedom of Speech Women's Rights Women's Suffrage Rights of the Accused Rights Duri

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Dr. Seuss WWII Cartoon Analysis Activity (FULL LESSON BUNDLE)

Product Description Full lesson about Propaganda/Dr. Seuss WWII cartoons. Included a) DO now/anticipatory set activity b) WWII QUiz with causes fill in/matching/multiple choice c) Powerpoint introducing Dr. Seuss and WWII propaganda d) Cartoo

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Question Bank - NYS 10.3 & 10.4!

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is EASILY adaptable for AP World History

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Unit 9 - Byzantine Empire ENL

Hello everyone, attached are materials for the Byzantine Empire geared to teaching literacy skills and English Language skills. This unit includes: #1 – Constantinople #2 – Twelve Tables #3 – Byzantine Achievements #4 – Great Schism #5 –

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Mao Zedong (HERO OR VILLAIN) Common Core Reading-Debate-Activity Bundle

Lesson plan with all directions, objectives, essential questions bundle. I have done this with my class multiple times and they love to argue and discuss how leaders can be responsible for good and bad.

This can be used for anywhere from 1 to

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Unit 3 - India ENL

Hello everyone! This package includes eleven files based on studying India! This goes from the introduction of the Indus River Valley civilization, through the growth of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as analysis of Ashoka's Maurya Empire and the Gupta Dy

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Pax Romana Achievements Blue Print Activity + Free Extras

Lesson plan and activity for teaching the many achievements of ancient Rome. This lesson plan gets you

Anticipatory set brainstorm scenario which leads into great discussions on Roman Achievements.

Then you have a great Powerpoin

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Unit 7 - Roman Empire ENL

Hello again! Attached are 15 files that regularly strive to connect the past and the present, geared for English Language Learners. These lessons will allow you to focus on literacy, language development, and teaching social studies curriculum. 1 - Ro

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FREE Enduring Issues Posters - ENL Help!

Hello, attached are two FREE posters I created with a colleague for our social studies department. After having sent this out to fellow colleagues and friends around New York, it is only fair to give everyone the chance to utilize this if they want! W

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Cold War First Day - Introduction Lesson Bundle with Readings/Activities

Introduction to the Cold War lesson Bundle. Great lesson to get students involved, I use this as my day 1 introducing the new chapter. I use this right after I test on WWII. You can probably use all these resources for at least 2/3 full lessons. kids will

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