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Dr. Seuss WWII Cartoon Analysis Activity (FULL LESSON BUNDLE)

Product Description Full lesson about Propaganda/Dr. Seuss WWII cartoons. Included a) DO now/anticipatory set activity b) WWII QUiz with causes fill in/matching/multiple choice c) Powerpoint introducing Dr. Seuss and WWII propaganda d) Cartoo

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Hands on Project: Archeological Dig - Pretend your Indiana Jones!!!!

This is one of my favorite lessons of all time!!! This interactive lesson lets kids act like a real life archeologist to discover the remains of the first civilization. Through research and hands on learning they will discover the building blocks of ci

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Meet the Aliens

An engaging PowerPoint for students to practice their decoding skill. Decoding is the key to students developing reading skills. When students are given words that nonsense, their brains have to work in an area of disequilibrium. This disequilibrium wil

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My Pandemic Collage: A Community Building Activity- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Create a stronger learning community in your secondary classroom by helping your students create visual arguments about the elephant in the room- the global pandemic and its effects on us all.

This two-day lesson uses images to review rhetori

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WWII Turning Points - New Framework Common Core Lesson Bundle Interactive Read

New York State Global Studies framework and new social studies standards. UNRESOLVED GLOBAL CONFLICT (1914–1945) Framework 10.5 Lesson bundle includes: 1) Do now activity - FDR Infamy speech AUDIO with transcript 2) PPT notes intro and US en

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Help for writing 1st grade report card comments

I use this template to help me write my report card comments. I hope it can help you save a little time too!

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Transformations: Rotations

The Power point helps the teacher demonstrate how a shape such as a triangle or rectangle can be rotated by a given angle with the use of tracing paper. Following the Power point are four papers which can be printed for students to attempt in class or for

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Topic Outline Sheets: World History detailed guide for 10 unit plans!! Part 2

Great Outline by unit and topic. There are a total of 9 Topic sheets that take you pretty much through everything for the first art of world history (Enlightenment-Modern Day).

Age of Revolutions
French Revolution
Industrial Revol

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Principles of Visual Literacy for Slide Presentations- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Tired of your students making cluttered, boring, or ineffective slide shows?

Teach your students how to make powerful slide presentations with this mini lesson in both digital and pencil/paper format.

Included is this dual-format

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Unit 1 - Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras ENL

ENL Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras UNIT Attached is the introductory unit to global 9 curriculum. This unit includes 13 days worth of materials for beginning of the year materials, including basic social studies topics, the Paleolithic Era and Neolithi

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Cold War Flash Cards Common Core Review Bundle!!

40 Key Vocabulary, Terms, People, Events for the topic of The Cold War. This bundle includes:
1) 40 Printable Flash Cards
These flashcards are 4 to a sheet of paper, once you cut and fold you will have your
a) Important Term

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Stock Market Game/Project

Weekly stock market project using the website howthemarketworks.com. Helps students understand the stock market by making transactions, monitoring, charting a portfolio of stocks they choose to buy with their fake money.

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