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Unit 12 – Feudalism and the Crusades ENL

Hello everyone, attached are materials based on Europe after the fall of Rome, the call for the Crusades, and the effects of the Crusades #1 – Post-Rome Europe #2 – Manorialism Introduction #3 – Feudalism Documents #4 – Power of the Church

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Dr. Seuss WWII Cartoon Analysis Activity (FULL LESSON BUNDLE)

Product Description Full lesson about Propaganda/Dr. Seuss WWII cartoons. Included a) DO now/anticipatory set activity b) WWII QUiz with causes fill in/matching/multiple choice c) Powerpoint introducing Dr. Seuss and WWII propaganda d) Cartoo

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Question Bank - NYS 10.10: Human Rights Violations

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is EASILY adaptable for AP World History

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Cold War Flash Cards Common Core Review Bundle!!

40 Key Vocabulary, Terms, People, Events for the topic of The Cold War. This bundle includes:
1) 40 Printable Flash Cards
These flashcards are 4 to a sheet of paper, once you cut and fold you will have your
a) Important Term

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Fraction of a quantity

This is a PowerPoint lesson with several worked examples which show students how to work out the fraction of a quantity.

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Bingo Bonanza

Students love playing bingo. This unit takes students from learning their letter names and sounds, CVC word families and sight words. This is a progressive unit that takes students from picture clues with upper and lower case letters, to upper and lower

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Stock Market Game/Project

Weekly stock market project using the website howthemarketworks.com. Helps students understand the stock market by making transactions, monitoring, charting a portfolio of stocks they choose to buy with their fake money.

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FREE Neolithic Introductory Lesson ENL

Attached is a free sample of the style of lessons I use for my ENL Global History class. This introduction to the Neolithic Revolution allows ENL students to build key content understanding, practice vocabulary in English, while allowing them to use visua

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My Monster Book of Knowledge for Kindergarten

The Monster Book of Knowledge is a collection of anchor charts that help students learn new skills as well as encourage independence in searching for information for reading, math, writing and social and emotional learning. Students can be taught how to

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FAMILY FEUD WWII Review Game with Bonus Materials

Review a Unit plan on WWII. This game is very fun and the kids love it! My classes ask me to play for every chapter. My principal actually came in my room because he heard kids talking about it. Very interactive and great for all kids because there are mu

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Full Year of NY State USHG Framework Regents Exam Part I Assessments

This file includes 13 Part I (document based multiple choice) Framework Regents style assessments. The 13 assessments cover a full year of content for US History & Government. The following assessments are included: 1. Colonialism-Independence 2.

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Unit 8 - Enduring Issues Essay #2 - ENL

Hello again! Attached is the second essay I do with my ENL students relating to the concept of "Conflict." This package includes three documents translated in English and in Spanish, an outline with helpful guided writing, and a PowerPoint presentation wi

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