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Question Bank - NYS 10.10: Human Rights Violations

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is EASILY adaptable for AP World History

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Most Important Sentence- Digital

Most Important Sentence: the best of all the over 25 Silent Sustained Reading fiction graphic organizers I have developed and used with middle and high school students because it works for remedial, general and gifted students.

This editable

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Learning my ABCs with Alpha Elf

Alpha Elf is an imaginary elf who comes to your classroom and hides letter cards. This is a game for the students that will have them engaged and moving around the room, no sitting in chairs here. Alpha Elf will leave a letter for each letter of the alph

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Romeo and Juliet: a Pastiche in Documents- Digital

Create a rite of passage in your classroom by combining creativity and primary source research with this ten-day digital research project presented and submitted via Google Slides.

Not only do students change the characters and setting of Ro

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Unit 7 - Roman Empire ENL

Hello again! Attached are 15 files that regularly strive to connect the past and the present, geared for English Language Learners. These lessons will allow you to focus on literacy, language development, and teaching social studies curriculum. 1 - Ro

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Probability Tree Diagrams

This is a one lesson power point which shows students how to successfully draw a tree diagram for two events occurring. Each example then demonstrates how the tree diagram can be used to work out the various probabilities. The power point ends with a numb

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Help for writing 1st grade report card comments

I use this template to help me write my report card comments. I hope it can help you save a little time too!

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Unit 6 - Greece ENL

Hello, attached are my materials on the unit on Greece. These materials are geared toward English Language Learners based on a literacy-rich program. 1 - Greece Geography 2 - Athens and Sparta Analysis 3 - Athens and Sparta Enrichment + Short Quiz 4

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5 Pillars of Islam Common Core Lesson Bundle!! PICTIONARY Activity!

Here is a lesson bundle for use of teaching Islam.

Great introduction to teaching Islam and its core beliefs. You can use this in many different types of classes/settings/grades/curriculums.

Included is...

1) Lesson

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Napoleon: Lesson Bundle with 3 Guided Readings, Graphic Organizer + EXTRAS

Full detailed lesson bundle. Everything you need to know about Napoleon. From his early life through his achievements and rise to power to his defeat in Russia. Great plan for students to either think pair share, move around the room to different stati

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FREE - Project Based Learning Planner- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Have an idea for an online or hands on project? Empower your students while they meet academic standards with Project Based Learning.

Let this PBL unit planner help you channel your ideas into a curriculum unit that meets authentic needs with

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FREE Neolithic Introductory Lesson ENL

Attached is a free sample of the style of lessons I use for my ENL Global History class. This introduction to the Neolithic Revolution allows ENL students to build key content understanding, practice vocabulary in English, while allowing them to use visua

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