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Topic Outline Sheets: World History detailed guide for 9 unit plans!!

Great Outline by unit and topic. There are a total of 9 Topic sheets that take you pretty much through everything for the first art of world history (first humans-Enlightenment).

Each Topic Sheet is broken into 4 categories
1) Content O

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I can read my CVC words! Auto Paced Mixed Version #3

Version #3 The "I can read my CVC words!" series is a collection of PowerPoint slide shows that help students develop skills in decoding words. Students will view a slide and 3 letters will appear at an order that will reveal a CVC word. Students then wo

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Create Your Own Pumpkin

Create a fall pumpkin art project or turn it into to a Halloween jack-o-lantern. This is a PowerPoint that will walk your students through the steps to create an multi-layered art project. Students will love painting, cutting, and creating in order to ma

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Question Bank - NYS 10.7: Decolonization and Nationalism

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is EASILY adaptable for AP World History

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Emergency Sub Plans for Kindergarten

There are times when teachers are in need of emergency sub plans. This is often a stressful time and these plans can help reduce the stress by having a prepared folder of plans that any guest teacher can walk into the classroom and be ready to teach. Th

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Video Source Analysis- Digital and Paper/Pencil

This highly versatile Pencil/Paper, fill-in Digital Version, and Google Doc analysis sheet is the perfect snow day or E-Learning Day activity. Students with a research topic will find a video to analyze for credibility and complete an analysis document. T

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Probability Tree Diagrams

This is a one lesson power point which shows students how to successfully draw a tree diagram for two events occurring. Each example then demonstrates how the tree diagram can be used to work out the various probabilities. The power point ends with a numb

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Treaty of Versailles Vs. Wilson's 14 Points Lesson + Activity +Many Extras!

Here is a great lesson to wrap up your discussions and lessons on World War I. Great Common Core reading and student centered! Actual lesson plan is given with all of this to use as guide/directions. Included are standards/essential questions/Aims (ver

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Vocabulary - Frayer Chart Digital and Paper/Pencil

Having students create Frayer Charts is a highly effective way to introduce students to new vocabulary in any classroom. But many Frayer Charts stop short by asking students to copy a few elements of a word. Others only require research by students.

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My Pandemic Scrapbook: A Writing Journal- Digital and Paper/Pencil

We are living through history! Our lives have changed in almost every way possible, from how we spend our time, to how we spend our money, to how we interact with others, to how we learn. Use this unique time period to engage your students in writing a mu

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Emergency Sub Plans for 1st Grade

Emergency Sub Plans for 1st grade classrooms. There are times when teachers are in need of emergency sub plans. This is often a stressful time and these plans can help reduce the stress by having a prepared folder of plans that any guest teacher can wal

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Trauma Toolkit: A Howo-to Guide

The Trauma Toolbox How-to Guide is designed to help students, families and educators (among others) deal with stress, anxiety and trauma. It does this by focusing on our senses (7 of them), and the Toolboxes can be adjusted to reflect the age, stage, cont

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