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Create Your Own Pumpkin

Create a fall pumpkin art project or turn it into to a Halloween jack-o-lantern. This is a PowerPoint that will walk your students through the steps to create an multi-layered art project. Students will love painting, cutting, and creating in order to ma

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Great Mini-Biography on Siddhartha Gautama.

His life story of how he reached "Enlightenment" + Guiding/Comprehension questions.

Great as a...
Anticipatory set activity
Close Read
Read aloud
Introduction to

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Intro-Crusades Primary Source Reading + Lesson

Lesson for the Introduction to the Crusades. Great activities getting kids to review what they learned and tie into Crusades. Main part of this product is the Primary source document from Pope Urban the II at the Council of Clermont initiating the start o

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FREE- How's It Going? Student SEL Check-in - Digital and Paper/Pencil

If you think teaching is hard right now, how are your students dealing with life?

How are they REALLY doing? Academically? Emotionally?

How would they assess their school life at this moment?

Find out with this quick

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FREE- Homework Goal Sheet - Digital and Paper/Pencil

Help your high ability or study hall students develop their executive functioning skills by setting goals and managing their time with this homework goal sheet.

Having a specific document for students to focus on their work during study perio

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Sustained Silent Reading Skills for Nonfiction-Digital

Trying to focus on power standards? Nonfiction reading skills are at the top of that list! This package will help you grow your secondary students' reading comprehension with reusable reading skills activity pages and posters. With 24 reading strategie

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Holocaust Lesson Bundle - Interactive Mock Trials

New York State Global Studies framework and new social studies standards. UNRESOLVED GLOBAL CONFLICT (1914–1945) Framework 10.5 Lesson bundle includes: 1) Kristallnacht Hw/Do now activity 2) Powerpoint background info 3) Mock Trial Activi

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Unit 14 – Plague, Ming, Ottomans ENL

Hello everyone, attached are materials based on the Bubonic Plague, the Ming Dynasty and the Ottoman Empire #1 – Plague Introduction #2 – Plague Effects #3 – Ming Dynasty #4 – Ottoman Empire #5 – Ottoman Empire Enrichment and Review for

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Question Bank - NYS 10.8 & 10.9!

Looking for an assessment resource other than old test questions? Looking to assist your students with document analysis while creating new exams geared to literacy skills? Look no further! :) This question bank is EASILY adaptable for AP World History

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Pie Charts

This lesson looks at revising Pie charts. It is a combination of worked examples and four worked through questions. The last two slides can be printed so that students can attempt the questions set before the teacher reveals the answers.

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Romeo and Juliet Fragments Practice- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Reinforce plot elements from Romeo and Juliet for your students as they identify and correct incomplete sentences in these two different activities presented in BOTH DIGITAL and PENCIL/PAPER forms in editable Microsoft Word documents and fillable document

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Telling a Story in Images: Creating mini graphic novels- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Working in Distance Learning or hybrid mode? Your creative writing needs are covered with this combined DV and PP package.

These up-loadable, fill-in documents will help your students comprehend literary texts or create their own unique mini

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