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Full Year of NY State USHG Framework Regents Exam Part I Assessments

This file includes 13 Part I (document based multiple choice) Framework Regents style assessments. The 13 assessments cover a full year of content for US History & Government. The following assessments are included: 1. Colonialism-Independence 2. Articles of Confederation- Constitution 3. Early Republic- Age of Jackson 4. Western Expansion-Civil War 5. Post Civil War 6. Big Business-Progressives 7. Imperialism-WWI 8. 1920's-Great Depression 9. New Deal-WWII 10. Post WWII-Early Cold War Events 11. Eisenhower-Johnson 12. Civil Rights-Carter 13. Reagan-Current

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I am a New York State high school social studies teacher with 19 years of classroom experience. For the past 12 years I have been teaching U.S. History and Government. Over the past year, I have created a number of assessments that align with the brand new New York State U.S. History and Government Framework Regents.


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