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Full Year of NY State USHG Framework Regents Exam Part II Short Essay #1 Topics

This file contains 18 Part II Short Essay #1 topics. Essay topics that are included in this file: Cold War/Pres. Washington (Isolationism) Colonial Taxation Federalists v. Anti-Federalists Imperialism Independence Movement Indian Removal Industrialization Louisiana Purchase Meat Inspection Act Mexican War National Bank New Deal Post Civil War South Sharecropping Shays' Rebellion Vietnam World War I World War II Also includes student directions and the New York State scoring rubric.

Category: History → American History
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I am a New York State high school social studies teacher with 19 years of classroom experience. For the past 12 years I have been teaching U.S. History and Government. Over the past year, I have created a number of assessments that align with the brand new New York State U.S. History and Government Framework Regents.


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