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Virtual Learning Lessons: Heroes of History!

Towards the end of last year, I wanted students to be able to read about heroes of history. The goal was for them to look beyond history as a bunch of dead old guys, and to instead view the heroics in their actions. In this package are two sets of lessons: one set I would use with my gen. ed classes, and a set I would use for my ENL classes. There are a total of 11 files, all fully editable Word Documents. I did change the topics a bit for the ENL classes, which you'll see below. Both sets of packets include question prompts and culminate with an assignment where students write about their own heroes of history. ENL 1 - Gandhi 2 - Mandela 3 - Paul Rusesabagina 4 - Simon Bolivar 5 - Writing Assignment Gen. Ed: 1 - Gandhi 2 - Mandela 3 - Paul Rusesabagina 4 - Dunkirk Soldiers 5 - Spanish Civil War (Abraham Lincoln Brigade) 6 - Heroes of History Assignment

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Mr. G

I have been teaching Global History and ENL Global History for the past five years. I have created a wide portfolio of document-based resources, geared to teaching literacy and language skills. I follow New York State guidelines for Global history ranging back from ancient history to modern day events.


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