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Hands on Project: Archeological Dig - Pretend your Indiana Jones!!!!

This is one of my favorite lessons of all time!!! This interactive lesson lets kids act like a real life archeologist to discover the remains of the first civilization. Through research and hands on learning they will discover the building blocks of civilization and what allowed humans to start to civilize. An anticipatory worksheet is there to start to go over different parts of social studies where you will focus on archeology. Next there is a reading on one of the earliest humans found by archeologists. Then you have a list with directions for the archeology hands on activity. Included is a great graphic organizer describing the main ideas of the Neolithic Revolution and one of the greatest turning points in history. *There is a materials list that you must go out and purchase to create the Neolithic Village* You can get them at any craft store and only cost about $12-18. It is worth it because the kids love this and always talk about it for the rest of the year.

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This lesson plan costs $2.49

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Mike Nichols

My name is Mike and I have been teaching Social Studies for the past 16 years. I have taught global studies and economics on the high school level in two different school districts.


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