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Unit 16 – Africa, Mesoamerica, Age of Exploration ENL

Hello everyone, attached are materials based on the Africa, Mesoamerica, and the Age of Exploration There is no test for this package, as I utilized New Visions’ assessment for this unit in the past and I will not resell New Visions assessments. #1 – Africa (Mansa Musa) #2 – East Africa and African Trade #3 – Mayans #4 – Aztecs #5 – Incas #6 – Age of Exploration Intro #7 – Spain and Portugal Exploration #8 – Conquistadors #9 – Columbian Exchange #10 – Atlantic Slave Trade #11 – Exploration Effects #12 – Review

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I have been teaching Global History and ENL Global History for the past five years. I have created a wide portfolio of document-based resources, geared to teaching literacy and language skills. I follow New York State guidelines for Global history ranging back from ancient history to modern day events.


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