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Word Work Activities - Pillow Talk

This printable works on multiple skills such as beginning sounds, rhyming, color words, number words, or alphabet. Make a match with one picture card and one word card. There is a mat of a bed to use with putting the cards on as well as a recording sheet. There are three options for the recording sheet; all words, color words, and number words. This can be played as a matching game between 2 students. Contents: --160 cards (this includes picture cards and word cards) --answer sheet --3 different recording sheets Self-Checking: Put a matching sticker on the backs of the pieces that go together if using it as a one person-task card game. When the child is finished, have them turn over the cards to see if the stickers match. This is optional Suggestions, tips, and differentiation: * Can be used in small group or at a literacy center. * Can use different set of cards with different students depending on what they need to work on such as color words or number words. * This can be used as a matching game: two students can play by taking turns turning over 2 cards to see if they match. If it does not match, turn back over. Next persons turn. The one with the most matches wins.

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Creations by Mrs Mouse

I have been in the education field for 26 years working mostly in elementary. I love working with students one-on-one and in small group. I have my regular as well as my special education certification. I also have my Master's in reading. Hands-on lessons are the way to go. They must be fun and engaging but yet educational. Having fun while learning makes for an enjoyable time. Thank you, and I hope your students enjoy these printables. Blessings, Melissa


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