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Prime & Composite Numbers - Prime & Composite Macaroons

This printable works on determining whether a number is prime or composite using the theme of macaroons. On the cookies are the numbers. The student must determine if the number is prime or composite then put the macaroon on the corresponding mat. Posters and recording sheets are also provided. Contents: --2 posters (definitions and explanation) - one colored and one black and white --2 mats (one for prime and one for composite) --80 macaroons --Chart of first 200 prime numbers --2 recording sheets (one has space to record the answers to 20 and one for 10) Suggestions, tips, and differentiation: * Can be used for assessment purposes. * Can be used for drill practice. * Can be used as a finisher activity. * Can be used in small group or at a math center. * Can work on the cards individually or in a small group. * Can be used for a distance learning activity.

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Creations by Mrs Mouse

I have been in the education field for 26 years working mostly in elementary. I love working with students one-on-one and in small group. I have my regular as well as my special education certification. I also have my Master's in reading. Hands-on lessons are the way to go. They must be fun and engaging but yet educational. Having fun while learning makes for an enjoyable time. Thank you, and I hope your students enjoy these printables. Blessings, Melissa


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