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Napoleon: Lesson Bundle with 3 Guided Readings, Graphic Organizer + EXTRAS

Full detailed lesson bundle. Everything you need to know about Napoleon. From his early life through his achievements and rise to power to his defeat in Russia. Great plan for students to either think pair share, move around the room to different stations, make mini projects, create a Napoleon resume or adapt utilizing many resources. You can spend at least 2 days on all of this, if not more. There are 3 separate guided readings broken into different levels (great for differentiated instruction). They are colorful, include pictures, quotes, interesting facts, charts, maps and keep all kids engaged.

Included: 1) Lesson plan with detailed outline of lesson 2) DO NOW worksheet with Napoleon Quotes 3) 2 Powerpoint's with notes and pictures 4) 3 different Differentiated Guided readings with comprehension questions 5) Graphic organizer for each of the guided readings 6) 20 question matching quiz on French Revolution 7) Closure multiple choice practice questions 8) Viva La Vida song lyrics (extension activity) worksheet

Category: History → European History
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This lesson plan costs $2.99

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Mike Nichols

My name is Mike and I have been teaching Social Studies for the past 16 years. I have taught global studies and economics on the high school level in two different school districts.


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