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Treaty of Versailles Vs. Wilson's 14 Points Lesson + Activity +Many Extras!

Here is a great lesson to wrap up your discussions and lessons on World War I. Great Common Core reading and student centered! Actual lesson plan is given with all of this to use as guide/directions. Included are standards/essential questions/Aims (very organized). This Lesson begins with a primary source reading activity on George Washington's Farewell Address. This can be used with great discussions about alliances and entanglements. You can show students because of this document, the US. is not going to back the League of Nations. Next is a Powerpoint with some statistics/results of WWI as well as comparing Wilson's 14 points to the Treaty of Versailles. To go along with this PowerPoint, there is a guided note taking worksheet. When the notes are finished, this sheet contains discussion questions that can be worked on cooperatively. You can have half of your students work on Wilson's 14 points and half of the students work on the Treaty of Versailles. To bring it all together there is a visual side by side comparison of the two treaties that you use to create a venn diagram. As extras, I included a powerpoint presentation Review Jeopardy for the whole WWI unit as well as 2 separate review sheets. The one review sheet is under the preview (Blooms Taxonomy) it looks sharp and every administrator that has seen it in that format loves it (in my experiences).

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Mike Nichols

My name is Mike and I have been teaching Social Studies for the past 16 years. I have taught global studies and economics on the high school level in two different school districts.


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