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Imperialism Intro Bundle - Close Reads + Interactive Maps + Trick to Remember!!!

Great lesson plan bundle that can be split into 1/2/3 days depending on how fast you would like to move. Included is a...

1) Detailed Lesson plan with objectives and essential questions and directions

2) Notes page that goes along with Powerpoint presentation

3) Powerpoint presentation with 15+ slides and review multiple choice

4) Detailed outline sheet for whole chapter

5) Map activity of Africa

6) Map and cartoon analysis with questions

7) White Mans Burden primary source reading with guiding questions

*The powerpoint gives a trick to help remember CAUSES of IMPERIALISM* kids will not forget!!!!

Category: History → European History
Price: $1.99

This lesson plan costs $1.99

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Mike Nichols

My name is Mike and I have been teaching Social Studies for the past 16 years. I have taught global studies and economics on the high school level in two different school districts.


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