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Hitler's Facebook Profile Activity: Fascist leaders HITLER+MUSSOLINI BUNDLE

Lesson Bundle. Good for teaching 1/2/3 full lesson days.

Great anticipatory set comparing Washington to Hitler

Includes PowerPoints leading to Fascism with guided notes

Graphic organizer of Characteristics of Fascism

** Facebook profile activity. Create a Facebook page for each of the HITLER + MUSSOLINI **

Cooperative and interactive. Great for relating to kids and getting them to think outside the box.

Information is presented with guided readings to help students fill in Facebook profiles for each leader.

**BONUS - INCLUDED are extra worksheets and items you can use with this lesson or others dealing with the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, WWII, Fascism

Category: History → European History
Price: $1.99

This lesson plan costs $1.99

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Mike Nichols

My name is Mike and I have been teaching Social Studies for the past 16 years. I have taught global studies and economics on the high school level in two different school districts.


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