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5 Pillars of Islam Common Core Lesson Bundle!! PICTIONARY Activity!

Here is a lesson bundle for use of teaching Islam.

Great introduction to teaching Islam and its core beliefs. You can use this in many different types of classes/settings/grades/curriculums.

Included is...

1) Lesson plan detailed with directions, essential questions, standards, activities.

2) A anticipatory set activity/bell work quick activity on the importance of the city of Jerusalem to the religion of Islam.

3) 5 individual readings on each of the 5 pillars (This is great to use as a think pair share or any other cooperative learning activity) I have students break into partners to read and there are guiding questions to check for comprehension with each reading.

4) The fun part of this lesson is having the kids play a pictionary/charades game on their individual assigned pillar. This way they have to teach the class what their pillar is all about and through the game the kids have a blast and tend to grasp the material better.

5) Powerpoint presentation that can be used to debrief or re-emphasize the material. With pictures and information you can use this as notes and as discussion based interactive review.

6) Great closure activity. Regents style multiple choice question review on the main ideas the religion of Islam. You can also use this as a quiz to check for comprehension at the end of the lesson.

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John Russo

I have been teaching Global History and U.S. History for the past 16 years. I have taught from 7th grade all the way up to high school. Enjoy my resources!!!!


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