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Africa Geography Lesson Plan with Great Interactive Station Activity UPDATED

Great introductory lesson plan that gets kids familiar with Africa and its geography. The Powerpoint goes over common myths that most people have towards Africa like : "Africa is Poor" and "People in Africa live in huts."

The Powerpoint then gives the facts that dispell the common myths, along with pictures proving it.

The lesson is a great interactive station activity where students will be up and moving around the room. Each area of the room will represent a different climate zone. Included with your purchase will be the materials to dress up your room into these stations where kids will be able to learn and understand how diverse Africa and its climate really is.

Also included is a great homework worksheet, or you can have students fill out as a closure activity. Its a blank map of Africa where they have to create the different climate zones.

Students are very receptive to this lesson because they have these preconceived ideas of what Africa is and will learn the truth, They also get to move around the room, talk with the teacher, interact with other students and visually see the difference in climates from each individual station.

Category: History → Geography
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John Russo

I have been teaching Global History and U.S. History for the past 16 years. I have taught from 7th grade all the way up to high school. Enjoy my resources!!!!


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