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FREE Global Documents/Regents Prep Question Bank!

This is a FREE sample of the types of questions/document sets I have created to better assist students in analyzing documents that are also perfect practice for key social studies skills, document analysis, and assessment tools for teachers! This FREE pack includes 26 questions, made up of 10 document sets, based on NYS social studies guidelines. Add one more question set, and you could have a practice Regents exam! LOOKING FOR MORE AT A REASONABLE PRICE? This free pack is made up of questions taken from my personal question bank I created in August of 2020. The full, purchasable question bank consists of 167 pages and over 500 questions made from scratch The question bank linked below for $25 is EASILY adaptable for AP World History style questioning! Units such as the World Wars and the Cold War could also be adapted for U.S history courses as well! https://lessontrader.com/product.php?id=469 These questions are based on NYS Framework standards, with questioning styles mirroring the June 2019, August 2019, and January 2020 Framework regents exams. The purchasable question bank linked includes: 566 questions in a Microsoft Word Document, made up of hundreds of documents, visuals, maps, etc. Most document sets have two questions, although there are various documents with 3 or more to practice key social studies skills. Reference Guide PDF: I took snapshots of all questions to group questions based on NYS Framework guidelines from 10.1-10.10. Every single question in the question bank mirrors Framework bullets in some capacity. The questions and answers are ENTIRELY ORIGINAL and never before seen! I know we are all looking for resources to assist our students, especially for NYS teachers adapting to changing regents exams. I hope this is helpful to you!

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I have been teaching Global History and ENL Global History for the past five years. I have created a wide portfolio of document-based resources, geared to teaching literacy and language skills. I follow New York State guidelines for Global history ranging back from ancient history to modern day events.


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