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Busting Author's Bias in Any Text- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Spin is everywhere! On social media, in the news, and in internet articles. Whether you are using distance learning or face-to-face instruction, your students need to know how to find bias in what they read.

This 35-page resource in three formats will helps your students identify bias in many forms, starting with their own preferences and moving into two texts of their own choice. Students will answer questions and discuss bias using tools appropriate for face to face OR virtual classrooms. Teachers will use the analysis format to model for students and then release students to find bias in news articles they choose, based on guiding principles and suggestions about where bias can hide in "factual" articles.

Students will sharpen their research and analytical skills as they hunt for 12 elements that may suggest bias. After researching two Internet articles about the same topic, students will write an evaluative paragraph about the bias they have uncovered. Holistic scale included.

Provided in fillable and editable Word documents, a well as two different Google slideshows- one to facilitate discussion and the other to complete analysis, this product will help your students bust any unfounded opinions and spin wherever it hides. Suggestions for use are differentiated for pencil/paper and digital use.

Use this document with your research unit, as a current events lesson, or on any day you are out of your classroom. This is a lesson you can use any time source credibility is an issue.

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Barbara Miller

I have taught English/Language Arts for over twenty years to remedial through gifted students from 7th to 12th grade, AP/dual credit university courses in three corporations and at one university. During my career, I have supervised and taught several student teachers and numerous pre-service teachers. Project Based Learning and choices that fit or extend learning styles and intelligences make my classroom activities engaging for students and filled with opportunities for academic growth. Many teacher professional development programs have supported my work. I hold an M.A. in Education and an Indiana High Ability Teaching License, am a Teacher Consultant for Indiana Writing Project, and have participated in many educator programs sponsored by the Lilly Endowment, National Consortium for the Teaching of Asia, National Endowment for the Humanities, US Department of State, Korea Academy for Educators, and Toyota International Teachers, among others. Additionally, I have been awarded many grants for classroom and school-wide projects, ranging from hundreds of dollars to $250,000. In addition, I have conducted professional development on writing workshop and differentiation in my own school, at conferences and events, and at schools in Peru and India. I am currently writing about my ancestors who taught Freedmen after the Civil War.


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