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Telling a Story in Images: Creating mini graphic novels- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Working in Distance Learning or hybrid mode? Your creative writing needs are covered with this combined DV and PP package.

These up-loadable, fill-in documents will help your students comprehend literary texts or create their own unique mini graphic novels to demonstrate their understanding of plot, characterization, setting and more.

Use the unit plans provided now and upload to your LMS module for a task that is sure to engage your students and meet academic standards in class or from home. These plans have enough ideas that you can customize them to meet your specific needs and use them more than once. Keep your learning community strong with collaboration suggestions that follow.

When you are back in your classroom, you will use the PP version as a welcome relief from screen time and the opportunity for students to collaborate face-to-face.

Use these lesson ideas with templates and rubrics to supplement your literature units OR writing units. Allow your students' visual skills to shine as they craft plots complete with critical dialogue and narration.

Creating or finding just the right images will help ensure that students fully comprehend critical scenes and that they don't just choose random stock images that are available in online comic strip apps. When students physically create, they retain information.

Creating mini graphic novels or comic strips is a perfect strategy to help all students understand the plot in difficult texts, like Shakespearean dramas, before moving on to analysis work. Use these templates for plot development analysis as well. After students create their mini graphic novels, they follow up with writing, paragraphs or essays, to justify their choices.

Included in this 16-page package are literature and writing lesson ideas for both templates, two editable templates, a paragraph scale, and an essay rubric. Edit as you wish, but please retain my copyright and logo.

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Barbara Miller

I have taught English/Language Arts for over twenty years to remedial through gifted students from 7th to 12th grade, AP/dual credit university courses in three corporations and at one university. During my career, I have supervised and taught several student teachers and numerous pre-service teachers. Project Based Learning and choices that fit or extend learning styles and intelligences make my classroom activities engaging for students and filled with opportunities for academic growth. Many teacher professional development programs have supported my work. I hold an M.A. in Education and an Indiana High Ability Teaching License, am a Teacher Consultant for Indiana Writing Project, and have participated in many educator programs sponsored by the Lilly Endowment, National Consortium for the Teaching of Asia, National Endowment for the Humanities, US Department of State, Korea Academy for Educators, and Toyota International Teachers, among others. Additionally, I have been awarded many grants for classroom and school-wide projects, ranging from hundreds of dollars to $250,000. In addition, I have conducted professional development on writing workshop and differentiation in my own school, at conferences and events, and at schools in Peru and India. I am currently writing about my ancestors who taught Freedmen after the Civil War.


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