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US History Vietnam War Unit

This bundle includes materials for the Vietnam War Unit. This unit usually takes 2 weeks to cover, at the price of $50.00 for 10 School days, comes out to $5 a day. Materials in the Unit Plan Include Vietnam War PowerPoint, Guided Notes for the PowerPoint, Link to Recording of PowerPoint for sub plans or Remote Learners, Medal of Honor Reading, , Kahoot!, 1960s Picture Analysis, Vietnam War Timeline, Vietnam War Project Menu (4 to choose from), Weapons of War Project, Vietnam War Picture Activity, Vocab, Review, Test , Test Answer Key,

Category: History → American History
Price: $50.00

This lesson plan costs $50.00

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Jared Kloeker

Hello, Welcome to History's One Stop Shop for Teachers. I am an educator in Texas. I have been teaching US History and World Geography in Central Texas since 2014. I have additional certifications in English and ESL as well. Units come with a recorded video so in the event you are absent it can be assigned as sub plans. Pricing is very simple for products. Its priced at $4 dollars a day. That's the price of a coffee a day. I hope you find this page helpful, and useful in planning your lessons. Thank you.


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