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Hands on Project: Archeological Dig - Pretend your Indiana Jones!!!!

This is one of my favorite lessons of all time!!! This interactive lesson lets kids act like a real life archeologist to discover the remains of the first civilization. Through research and hands on learning they will discover the building blocks of ci
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Classical China Silk Road + Civil Service Multiple Lesson Plan Bundle!

This product includes multiple lesson plans and activities. I usually split this up into 2 separate lesson plans over two days but you can definitely get up to 4 days possibly a week worth of material out of this product.

Classical China Less

History → Ancient History | Price: $2.49


Intro-Crusades Primary Source Reading + Lesson

Lesson for the Introduction to the Crusades. Great activities getting kids to review what they learned and tie into Crusades. Main part of this product is the Primary source document from Pope Urban the II at the Council of Clermont initiating the start o
History → Ancient History | Price: $1.49



Great Mini-Biography on Siddhartha Gautama.

His life story of how he reached "Enlightenment" + Guiding/Comprehension questions.

Great as a...
Anticipatory set activity
Close Read
Read aloud
Introduction to

History → Ancient History | Price: $0



Great Mini-Biography on Marco Polo.

His life story of his Life and Journeys + Guiding/Comprehension questions.

Great as a...
Anticipatory set activity
Close Read
Read aloud
Introduction to chapter/topic
History → Ancient History | Price: $.99


5 Pillars of Islam Common Core Lesson Bundle!! PICTIONARY Activity!

Here is a lesson bundle for use of teaching Islam.

Great introduction to teaching Islam and its core beliefs. You can use this in many different types of classes/settings/grades/curriculums.

Included is...

1) Lesson

History → Ancient History | Price: $2.65


Pax Romana Achievements Blue Print Activity + Free Extras

Lesson plan and activity for teaching the many achievements of ancient Rome. This lesson plan gets you

Anticipatory set brainstorm scenario which leads into great discussions on Roman Achievements.

Then you have a great Powerpoin

History → Ancient History | Price: $1.99


Rome: Punic Wars Lesson Plan with Guided Reading and Graphic Organizer

Here is the story of the Punic Wars, I love to teach the story of Hannibal and his War Elephants!! This lesson plan will explain how Rome becomes an Empire.

This is a lesson plan that you can use for 2-3 classes.

Included is a de

History → Ancient History | Price: $1.79


History of Christianity: The Great Schism of 1054 Common Core/Close Read

Here is a great interactive common core lesson plan complete with all materials. The Lesson starts with a mini-dbq/scaffolding question worksheet. This worksheet is about how Christianity got to Rome through St. Peter. It leads into the Powerpoint pres
History → Ancient History | Price: $2.59


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