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Shapes - Learning About 3 Dimensional (3D) Shapes

This set of printables has multiple activities. It has a set of puzzles that the child can reinforce the 3 dimensional solids. The next activity is a student book. Pages are not numbered so anyone can pick and choose which pages they want to work on. Ther
Mathematics → Basic Math | Price: $2.75


Math Facts Practice - Multiplying Like Rabbits Board Game

This is a board game where you use rabbit multiplication cards to determine where you will put your rabbit after you have answered the multiplication problem.The game board has baby bunnies with the answer on them. You may have to go back or you may have
Mathematics → Basic Math | Price: $1.75


Money - Counting Coins - Milk Money

This task card printable helps children reinforce the concept of counting coins. Children will add up all the coins on the carton of milk. There is a combination of half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies.There are also milk cartons with coins
Mathematics → Basic Math | Price: $2.00


Shapes - 2D Shapes - Pirate, Pirate with Your Treasure Chest so Old

With this printable, children will work on different 2-D shapes with the theme of Pirates. The packet includes three different books. Contents: --1 teacher book --1 student book (2 printing options available in download) --1 class book Teachers shoul
Mathematics → Basic Math | Price: $2.50


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