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Holocaust Lesson Bundle - Interactive Mock Trials

New York State Global Studies framework and new social studies standards. UNRESOLVED GLOBAL CONFLICT (1914–1945) Framework 10.5 Lesson bundle includes: 1) Kristallnacht Hw/Do now activity 2) Powerpoint background info 3) Mock Trial Activity
History → European History | Price: $3.99


WWII NEW Tech Common Core SS standards Framework - Scavenger Hunt Lesson Bundle

Lesson Bundle with ENDURING ISSUES Includes: 1) Do Now Documents with MC questions 2) Powerpoint intro on topic and beginning of WWII 3) Scavanger Hunt Activity with readings 4) Closure activity with Enduring issues practice Included are
History → European History | Price: $.99


Napoleon: Lesson Bundle with 3 Guided Readings, Graphic Organizer + EXTRAS

Full detailed lesson bundle. Everything you need to know about Napoleon. From his early life through his achievements and rise to power to his defeat in Russia. Great plan for students to either think pair share, move around the room to different stati
History → European History | Price: $2.99


FAMILY FEUD WWII Review Game with Bonus Materials

Review a Unit plan on WWII. This game is very fun and the kids love it! My classes ask me to play for every chapter. My principal actually came in my room because he heard kids talking about it. Very interactive and great for all kids because there are mu
History → European History | Price: $3.79


Imperialism Intro Bundle - Close Reads + Interactive Maps + Trick to Remember!!!

Great lesson plan bundle that can be split into 1/2/3 days depending on how fast you would like to move. Included is a...

1) Detailed Lesson plan with objectives and essential questions and directions

2) Notes page that goes alon

History → European History | Price: $1.99


Hitler's Facebook Profile Activity: Fascist leaders HITLER+MUSSOLINI BUNDLE

Lesson Bundle. Good for teaching 1/2/3 full lesson days.

Great anticipatory set comparing Washington to Hitler

Includes PowerPoints leading to Fascism with guided notes

Graphic organizer of Characteristics of Fascism

History → European History | Price: $1.99


Nationalism/Unification of Germany Full Lesson w/Close Read and activity!

Full lesson for teaching Nationalism and the Unification of Germany.

Included is a warm up anticipatory set activity about national anthems. You relate that to the idea of Nationalism to get you into the lesson.

Then there is a d

History → European History | Price: $2.79


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