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Number Forms - Flower Number Forms

This printable works on 6 different number forms; standard form, expanded form, model form, word (written) form, unit (place value) form, and expand it another way. Match the petals to the number forms on the flower. Each petal has the form of the number
Mathematics → Numbers | Price: $2.00


Missing Numbers to 200 - Missing Number Animals

This printable works on number order and what number is missing. The printable has animals that have a list of number but some are missing. The numbers could be counted by 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, and 10's. The answers are on task cards. Pick an animal, d
Mathematics → Numbers | Price: $1.50


Prime & Composite Numbers - Prime & Composite Macaroons

This printable works on determining whether a number is prime or composite using the theme of macaroons. On the cookies are the numbers. The student must determine if the number is prime or composite then put the macaroon on the corresponding mat. Posters
Mathematics → Numbers | Price: $2.00


My Monster Book of Knowledge Pre K

The Monster Book of Knowledge is a collection of anchor charts that help students learn new skills as well as encourage independence in searching for information for reading, math, writing and social and emotional learning. Students can be taught how to
Mathematics → Numbers | Price: $5.00


Fraction of a quantity

This is a PowerPoint lesson with several worked examples which show students how to work out the fraction of a quantity.
Mathematics → Numbers | Price: $1


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