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FREE - Project Based Learning Planner- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Have an idea for an online or hands on project? Empower your students while they meet academic standards with Project Based Learning.

Let this PBL unit planner help you channel your ideas into a curriculum unit that meets authentic needs with

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It's All about Me! -Digital and Paper/Pencil

Getting to know your students is the first step in classroom success. Building successful teacher and student relationships helps set the stage for high student achievement. Knowing your students’ interests and habits of mind will help you prepare success
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FREE- Homework Goal Sheet - Digital and Paper/Pencil

Help your high ability or study hall students develop their executive functioning skills by setting goals and managing their time with this homework goal sheet.

Having a specific document for students to focus on their work during study perio

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FREE- How's It Going? Student SEL Check-in - Digital and Paper/Pencil

If you think teaching is hard right now, how are your students dealing with life?

How are they REALLY doing? Academically? Emotionally?

How would they assess their school life at this moment?

Find out with this quick

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Text Analysis Protocol- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Let's make it simple: simple for students and teachers alike.

This editable, digital, fill-in Word version analysis protocol will help your students analyze any text. No more remembering which protocol should be used for prose, for poetry or

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