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Romeo and Juliet: a Pastiche in Documents- Digital

Create a rite of passage in your classroom by combining creativity and primary source research with this ten-day digital research project presented and submitted via Google Slides.

Not only do students change the characters and setting of Ro

ELA → Writing | Price: $4.00


The Selfie Project- A Community Building Project- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Get to know your students' interests and skills while building community in your classroom with this first-week digital activity for ELA students. Included are fillable Word forms and a Google Slides link.

Students create a composition about

ELA → Writing | Price: $3.50


Game -Patterns of Organization for speeches and essays- Paper/pencil

Help students in public speaking or advanced composition courses organize their speeches and essays with this classroom game that builds higher order thinking skills. Groups of two to four players will learn eight different organizational strategies for
ELA → Writing | Price: $4.00


Telling a Story in Images: Creating mini graphic novels- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Working in Distance Learning or hybrid mode? Your creative writing needs are covered with this combined DV and PP package.

These up-loadable, fill-in documents will help your students comprehend literary texts or create their own unique mini

ELA → Writing | Price: $3.50


Rogerian Problem-Solution Essay- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Help your students be a voice for change! Using the skills of primary and secondary research, teach your students how to add to a meaningful discussion and potentially make lasting change with the Rogerian compromise essay.

This digital and p

ELA → Writing | Price: $4.00


Video Source Analysis- Digital and Paper/Pencil

This highly versatile Pencil/Paper, fill-in Digital Version, and Google Doc analysis sheet is the perfect snow day or E-Learning Day activity. Students with a research topic will find a video to analyze for credibility and complete an analysis document. T
ELA → Writing | Price: $3.00


Essay or Presentation Planner- Digital

This digital fill-in pre-writing tool will help your students analyze the rhetoric of a writing task before outlining. Once your students think about the rhetorical context of their task, writing the outline and the essay are a breeze.

This p

ELA → Writing | Price: $2.50


FREE Rhetorical Triangle Poster

Don't stop teaching rhetoric with only The Appeals: logos, pathos and ethos.

Help your students understand how purpose, audience and context impact their writing. This poster makes it easy for students to see how all six elements interact wi

ELA → Writing | Price: $0


Sell That Cat! A role play mini lesson about rhetoric- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Your students are already masters of rhetoric! Watch them put their skills to use in this role play and writing activity that introduces the elements of the art of argument.

Included in this 15-page digital and pencil/paper package are fillab

ELA → Writing | Price: $4.00


Your Personality Type and Rhetoric- Digital and Paper/Pencil

This three-day unit for hybrid or face-to-face classes will change your students’ writing forever. It will change yours, too! Help your students uncover how their personalities shape- and limit- their writing and its effectiveness.

Included i

ELA → Writing | Price: $6.00


My Pandemic Collage: A Community Building Activity- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Create a stronger learning community in your secondary classroom by helping your students create visual arguments about the elephant in the room- the global pandemic and its effects on us all.

This two-day lesson uses images to review rhetori

ELA → Writing | Price: $7.00


My Pandemic Scrapbook: A Writing Journal- Digital and Paper/Pencil

We are living through history! Our lives have changed in almost every way possible, from how we spend our time, to how we spend our money, to how we interact with others, to how we learn. Use this unique time period to engage your students in writing a mu
ELA → Writing | Price: $5.00


Principles of Visual Literacy for Slide Presentations- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Tired of your students making cluttered, boring, or ineffective slide shows?

Teach your students how to make powerful slide presentations with this mini lesson in both digital and pencil/paper format.

Included is this dual-format

ELA → Writing | Price: $4.50


Build a House- An interactive lesson in rhetoric- Digital and Paper/Pencil

Does the word "rhetoric" intimidate your students? It did mine, until I taught them how rhetoric is everywhere, even in the act of building a house!

This is my foundational lesson in rhetoric, in more ways than one! It's fun, it allows studen

ELA → Writing | Price: $6.00


The Paint Chip Test: Finding Credible Sources- Digital and Paper/Pencil

This multi-formatted document will help your secondary students find the credible sources they need to write academic research reports, speeches, or essays. Students use this simple scale set up as a paint chip to evaluate a source. Then they justify thei
ELA → Writing | Price: $4.50


Rhetorical Devices are Everywhere! Digital and Paper/Pencil

Use your students' visual intelligence to help them understand how arguments are made. Your students will remember these 31 literary devices when they find them in photos from around the world! Seeing literary terms in images will help your students see t
ELA → Writing | Price: $4.00


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